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Note: Campaigns are limited as we can only work with so many artists at once. 

grow your presence on spotify

With the NEW All-Pro Enhanced Spotify Campaign to boost your fanbase


Get your music shared across the internet, not just on Spotify.


Your music is seen on major sites like Rolling Stone and Billbaord.


We provide you with actual ratings from listeners


Your music is seen and heard across the internet, not just Spotify.


Get your music in Spotify playlists and in front of new fans.


Gain new monthly listeners from multiple playlist adds.


Watch your streams grow directly from playlists!


Users find new music in playlists...let's get them discovering you!

How does the Enhanced Spotify CAmpaign work?

1. Analyzation

First we analyze your song's genre(s) and moods. Then it gets matched with 100 curators that are most likely to add your song to their Spotify playlist.

2. outreach

While we begin sending your track to curators, we start blasting your music to our network. Your track is seen and heard across hundreds of music related websites. These are in the form of social media post, links and streamable advertisements on major music websites. You'll also receive ratings from listeners which is great feedback for your music.

3. Growth

Watch as your song gets added to playlists with healthy followings while your streams and monthly listeners increase. As you appear in new playlists, it's likely you will gain new followers.

Why Parkbench13?

We know you've been burned by music promotion companies in the past. We've heard all the stories. That's why we built a team dedicated to helping artists grow their fanbase organically and turn their music into a career. We want to work WITH you, not just get some quick results and say goodbye forever, that's not our style.

Parkbench13 is an all-encompassing music promotion company that has helped hundreds of signed and independent artists grow their fanbase. We offer tailor made promotional services that match your music with the best fitting influencers, blogs, radio formats and potential fans. Whether you are signed or an independent artist, we have the experience and knowledge necessary to navigate the ever-changing, complex music marketplace. We stay in constant contact with promotors, curators, influencers and radio programmers to ensure that your music is heard by the right people.


Parkbench13 has built relationships with over 1000 curators on Spotify alone, spanning across all genres. This allows us to send your music in a solicited manner to the most suiting playlists for your music.

verifiable results

We provide you with verifiable results that you can count on and measure throughout your campaign. 

A real Team

Each campaign is run by a real team of people. At Parkbench13, we have an experienced and dedicated team that is motivated to get your music heard and get you results. 

we SUbmit your music to targeted playlist curators in your genre


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LEGIT playlists with active listeners

Let's Get Started

MUsic promotion campaigns

feel like your music is great? But it's not getting the recognition it deserves?

Let's get the faq's straight!

Does this work for any genre?

Yes! This package works for all genres, whether your music is Rap, Pop, Folk, R&B, Indie, Rock, EDM, Lo-Fi, Country or any other, we work with curators in all genres. We send your music to 100 curators that are relevant to your genre.

Do you just blast my music to the same old curators, regardless of genre?

No. We take the time to analyze your song and then we personally match it to relevant curators. This is an organic, hands-on method which is why the campaign lasts about 3-4 weeks.

Will I be notified when my song is added to a playlist?

Yes, you will be notified when your music has been added to any playlists. We keep you updated throughout the entire campaign, every step of the way.

Does this package guarantee any placements?

Yes we do. How? Because if we feel your song isn't ready and is unlikely to get placements, we reach out to you before starting the campaign and offer a FULL REFUND. In the rare occurrence that you don't get any adds, we continue working until we get a placement, as our goal is to deliver results that you can count on and establish a relationship with you. 

Will my streams, followers and monthly listeners increase?

This is the goal! With this package, we work on your campaign not only to get your song added to playlists, but to increase your streams, followers and monthly listeners on Spotify. We cannot guarantee any certain numbers as music is subjective and ultimately depends on how users respond to your song.  If we feel that we cannot get you great results, we will contact you before starting the campaign to discuss refunding your money or submitting a different song.

Do you work with songs in languages other than English?

Yes we do! Languages that we work with are: English, Spanish, Punjabi, Portuguese and French.  

Is this promotion safe?

Yes! Our efforts are 100% organic and within compliance of Spotify's terms. This is why we cannot guarantee a certain amount of streams/followers/monthly listeners.  

How will I know when my order has begun and when it has finished?

You will receive a confirmation immediately after your order has been placed. We need 1 day to analyze your song, after which you will be notified by email that your campaign has begun! When your campaign is finished, we provide you with an update of which playlists your song has been added to. 

Do you have a screening process?

Yes we do. In the rare occurance that we feel your song is not ready and is unlikely to be added to any playlists, we contact you before starting your order and discuss switching songs or offering you a full refund.

How long will my song be in playlists it gets added to?

This varies from playlist to playlist and curator to curator. Generally, songs are kept in playlists anywhere between 1-4 weeks. In some cases, songs can remain in playlists for much longer. 

But my song isn't released yet! What do I do?

Not a problem! You can still grab this deal and save it for when your song is released. Simply write 'not released yet' in the Spotify Link field and we will save your order on file. We will be in touch within 24-48 hours of you placing your order to let you know we've saved your spot.

Looking for something bigger?

Combine our basic Spotify, iTunes and Influencer campaigns for the ULTIMATE Complete Single Promotion