Introductory Spotify Promotion Campaign

Introductory Spotify Promotion Campaign

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Want to try our services out but would like to test out a more affordable option before committing? Then this campaign is right for you. Let us show you what we can get done with this Introductory offer before moving on to a larger Spotify campaign. 


With the Introductory Spotify Promotion Campaign, your music is sent to over 100 playlist curators in your genre. In addition to these curators, we share your music with a network of over 200,000 Spotify users in the U.S.A. who have requested to receive new music. We use organic efforts, carried out by our team of music industry professionals dedicated to your campaign. 


  • Let us do the hard work for you and submit to over 100 curators
  • Get your music on a number of playlists
  • Increase your Streams, Monthly Listeners and Followers Organically
  • Get REAL feedback from curators which you can use to further your music career


It's no secret that Spotify promotion and playlisting efforts are crucial for an artist's success. Getting on Spotify playlists helps increase your song's awareness across Spotify. When your song is added to a playlist, new users then discover your music and add it to their collection. When users begin adding your music, Spotify takes note of your songs increasing popularity and begins suggesting it to even MORE users. 

We need the link to your song on Spotify in order to start your campaign. You can include it in the text field above. Once you complete the purchase, you receive an immediate automated email that includes a form for you to fill out where you provide your Spotify Link and Artist Name. You can also add this in your 'cart' page once you have added this campaign to your cart - however, we still need the form to be completed after your purchase.

  • Most campaigns see between 3-10 playlist adds. 
  • Playlist followings are active and generally range from 1,000-100,000 followers
  • An increase in Monthly Listeners
  • An increase in Streams
  • An increase in Spotify Followers
  • New fans for a lifetime 
  • NO bought streams. Buying streams/plays doesn't translate into compounding success. We focus on generating new fans that will continue to listen to your music for a lifetime.
  • A professional team of music industry professionals that strive to get you verifiable results and work with you to build your career and fanbase.

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Ask a Question
  • Are there any guarantees?

    We guarantee that we will get your music in front of and heard by new potential fans. We guarantee that your song will get added to at least 1 playlist. We guarantee this because if we feel your song is unlikely to succeed, we discuss refunding you or choosing a different song. If after we have sent to the original 100 curators and none of them add your song to a playlist, we continue working until we get results. 

  • How long will my song stay in playlists?

    This varies from playlist to playlist and curator to curator. Generally, songs are kept in playlists anywhere between 1-4 weeks. In some cases, songs can remain in playlists for much longer. It all depends on the song.

  • How soon can I see results and how long does the campaign last?

    Generally, we begin to see results within 1 week of beginning the campaign. You will receive a confirmation immediately after your order has been placed. We need 1 day to analyze your song, after which you will be notified by email that your campaign has begun! The campaign takes approximately 3-4 weeks. When your campaign is finished, we provide you with an update of which playlists your song has been added to. 

  • Is this promotion safe?

    Yes! Our efforts are 100% organic and within compliance of Spotify's terms. This is why we cannot guarantee a certain amount of streams/followers/monthly listeners.  

  • Do you work with songs in languages other than English?

    Yes we do! Languages that we work with are: English, Spanish, Punjabi, Portuguese and French.  

  • Will I see an increase in streams, followers and monthly listeners?

    This is the goal! With this package, we work on your campaign not only to get your song added to playlists, but to increase your streams, followers and monthly listeners on Spotify. We cannot guarantee any certain numbers as music is subjective and ultimately depends on how users respond to your song.  If we feel that we cannot get you great results, we will contact you before starting the campaign to discuss refunding your money or submitting a different song.

  • Does this guarantee any placements on playlists?

    Yes we do. How? Because if we feel your song isn't ready and is unlikely to get placements, we reach out to you before starting the campaign and offer a FULL REFUND. In the rare occurrence that you don't get any adds, we continue working until we get a placement, as our goal is to deliver results that you can count on and establish a relationship with you. 

  • Do you just blast my music to the same old curators, regardless of genre?

    No. We take the time to analyze your song and then we personally match it to relevant curators. This is an organic, hands-on method which is why the campaign lasts about 3-4 weeks.

  • Does this work for any genre?

    Yes! This package works for all genres, whether your music is Rap, Pop, Folk, R&B, Indie, Rock, EDM, Lo-Fi, Country or any other, we work with curators in all genres. We send your music to 100 curators that are relevant to your genre.

  • Do you offer any bigger packages?

    Hi there,

    Thanks for your question. Yes we do offer more intensive programs for Spotify promotion and other promotion types (Radio, Marketing, etc.). You can find some more information at

    You can request a consultation and we will evaluate your music and develop a custom plan for you.

    Kind Regards,

    Adam Silverstein

  • Im from argentina. You said you share with users and curators that live in USA. I need people and curators from countries that speaks spanish lenguaje. I hope you can ask my question.

    Hi Juan,

    We do not limit our submissions to curators in the USA and do not share it only with curators/users in the USA. Regardless, many most playlists have listeners from all over the world as playlists are not region specific (with the expection, of course, of countries that DO NOT have Spotify access). 

    We have successfully placed music in playlists of other languages, including playlists specific to Spanish Language music.

  • I think it’s sketchy you immediately are taking payments on Instagram without first hearing my music. What do you have to say about that?

    Hi Josiah,

    Thanks for your question. We evaluate your music immediately after we recieve payment, as you include your Spotify link. If we feel that it cannot be promoted, we immediately contact you to either offer you a refund, request a different single or suggest alternative options. This has happened on a few occasions where we have contacted the client giving them constructive feedback and to notify them that it would be best to either work on a different song or offer a refund.